9 Quick Ways to Get Fit This Summer

9 Quick Ways to Get Fit This Summer

from Fat to Fly

If you skipped working out in the Spring, it’s not too late. There are tons of ways to get fit before the bikini season is over. Are you ready to get rid of that spare tire hanging around your gut, or worse, your thighs? These nine quick ways to get fit this Summer will help all girls have the best bikini season ever. The best part about this is most of these ways to get fit are fun and can be done in your own home!

1. Fat2Fly

Ok, it is not surprising to see something called Fat2Fly on a list of ways to get fit. The name itself suggests weight loss and a path from overweight to lightweight… or flyweight. Fat2Fly boasts that they’ve created a successful at-home workout program for curvy women by handpicking over 1,000 of the best exercise videos available online from the top trainers and fitness gurus, from Lita Lewis to Jillian Michaels to Lyzabeth Lopez. Best of all, they tailor new recommendations just for you every day so you never get bored of the same routine, and you don’t have to spend your valuable time sifting through a never-ending list of videos to find the right exercises to do. All for only $1 per day!

2. Walking

Getting our steps in every day is a super important part of staying healthy. Now that the weather is better in most areas, we can start walking outdoors more. Health experts recommend walking between 10,000 and 12,000 steps per day. If you really want to kick that weight-loss up a notch, try walking 15,000 steps per day.

3. Running

When it comes to melting those pounds away, running is one of the quickest ways to do it. Everyone hates running at first, but run through your first mile and you just might fall for it. The best way to get in the running spirit is by signing up for a race in the near future, and then start training. This is sure to help your abs, arms, legs and glutes.

4. Hiking

If you live in an area where hiking is common, please take a hike or two. Hiking is a wonderful workout that gets you right in the center of nature. Seriously, those of you who have pretty hills and mountains to hike are the luckiest people ever.

5. Swimming

Swimming is a massive workout that is not hard on joints and works the entire body at once. This is also an activity that can get you tan while you work out. Swimming in natural waters like the ocean or a lake will burn more calories because you are swimming with or against a current; however, a pool will work just fine too.

6. Paddleboarding

This is a great workout. Paddleboarding works your core, legs, butt, and arms. If you really want to kick it up, try mixing this with surfing.

7. Yoga

2018 is supposed to be yoga’s most popular year yet. Between bikram hot yoga, beach yoga, and all the other variants, there are plenty of ways to mix it up. Yoga will also help tone and get you some fantastic wiggle-free arms.

8. Pilates

If you are wanting to get that iconic flat ab look, nothing will do it faster and better than Pilates. This is because the breathing system Pilates uses will keep your core tight the entire class long.

9. Cycling

Get ready for a massive, sweaty, intense workout when you start your cycling class. This is one that will burn some serious calories and get your legs ready for a high-speed bike chase.

With all these workout options, there is bound to be one that helps you get bikini-ready this Summer. What are some of your favorite ways to exercise?


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