6 Surprising Benefits of Exercise for Women

6 Surprising Benefits of Exercise for Women

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Do you need another good reason to exercise today? How about six surprising benefits for women who exercise regularly versus those who don’t?

You already know that exercise is generally good for you and your health. Yet, that’s not enough motivation to get you excited about breaking a sweat today. Here are 6 more amazing benefits you probably didn’t know about that will get you moving and make you want to get your workout on:

1. Exercise promotes healthy skin and hair so you look better.

Did you know that exercise can improve the appearance of your hair and skin? That’s right, regular exercise is one of the keys to healthy, gorgeous skin. It promotes better blood circulation and oxygen flow, which help keep your skin cells nourished.

2. Exercise makes you happier.

It’s linked to less depression, better memory and quicker learning by increasing blood flow to your brain. Studies have shown that many types of exercise, from walking to cycling, make women feel better and can even relieve symptoms of stress and depression to make you feel happier.

3. Exercise prevents weight gain.

For many ladies, finding good ways to prevent weight gain is a constant struggle. Did you know that after consistent aerobic exercise training, the body gets better at burning fat, which requires a lot of oxygen to convert it into energy? It makes perfect sense… More exercise, more oxygen, more energy, less fat!

4. Exercise facilitates easier pregnancy and childbirth.

Want to have a baby? Did you know that doctors recommend light exercising during pregnancy? The right exercise lowers the risk of miscarriage during pregnancy and makes both mom and baby healthier by reducing stress, reducing aches and pains, and building up stamina for labor. Getting in shape before pregnancy and continuing light exercise during pregnancy will also make it easier to lose the baby weight after pregnancy and regain your sexy figure.

5. Exercise reduces painful period cramps.

Exercising raises the level of beta-endorphins, which are your body’s natural painkillers. Vigorous aerobic exercise, such as speed walking and swimming, will help to take away some of your pain each month.

6. Exercise increases your sex drive and leads to better sex.

Did you know that 20 minutes of regular exercise a day can improve your sex life? Not only does working out leave you feeling more energized and flexible, but Harvard School of Public Health found that it increases sexual response in women and can also make you feel more desirable.

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